Taarzan: The Wonder Car


Ayesha Takia as Priya Kapoor

Vatsal Seth as Raj Chaudhary

Ajay Devgan as Deven Chaudhary

Farida Jalal as Mrs. Chaudhary

Pankaj Dheer as Rakesh Kapoor

Sadashiv Amrapurkar as Anthony D’Costa

Shakti Kapoor as Mahesh Saxena

Mukesh Tiwari as Kailash Chopra

Amrish Puri as Kartar “Kaakha” Singh

Gulshan Grover as Inspector Khurana

Rajpal Yadav as Constable Sitaram

Sumeet Pathak as Vicky (Friend of Raj Chaudhary)


Deven Chaudhary lives with his mother and only son Raj. Deven spends considerable time designing the perfect car, calling it DC — which is very futuristic and more advanced than any other car in the market — and registering its patent. He also looks after an older model car, handed over to him by his late father, and calls it “Taarzan”. He meets with Rakesh Kapoor and his partners, who praise his design but decline dealing with him.

Later, Deven finds that Rakesh and his partners conned him and registered his design under their name. Deven reports this to a police officer, but the latter turns out to be on Kapoor’s payroll. Kapoor, along with his cronies and the officer, attacks and locks Deven in Taarzan. The car is then pushed into the river, causing a bound and gagged Deven to die. Unaware of the truth behind Deven’s death, his mother decides to bring up her grandson alone.

Years later, Raj falls in love with a rich girl named Priya. A young Raj now works in the garage of Kartar Singh as a mechanic. One day, Raj finds Taarzan and recognizes it immediately. He somehow pools money and buys it at a throwaway price. Raj wants to update the car that reminds him of his father. Little does he know that with the car, he has also brought back his father, whose soul is trapped inside the car.

Kartar is moved on learning this and aides Raj in repairing Taarzan. Taarzan is totally revamped and Raj decides to rename it DC, to honour his father’s memory. Here, Deven’s spirit possesses Taarzan and starts killing all the people responsible for the murder. Since the car now belongs to Raj, he becomes a suspect in eyes of Inspector Khurana, the investigating officer. Here, Kapoor returns to India after learning that all his cronies have been murdered. Kapoor is revealed to be Priya’s father.

On Priya’s insistence, Kapoor goes to meet Raj, but after learning that Raj is Deven’s son, Kapoor assumes that Raj has somehow found the truth and is using Priya as a pawn. Kapoor decides to kill Raj and take Priya back with him. Priya and Raj are both clueless, but Raj is shocked when Kapoor tells him the truth. Here, Taarzan comes alive again and in front of disbelieving eyes of Kapoor and Raj, jumps in the ocean to save Raj. Deven’s spirit now becomes visible to everybody.

In front of Raj, his grandmother, Priya and Inspector Khurana, a terrified Kapoor confesses the crime. Khurana arrests Kapoor, while Deven says his last goodbye to his mother and son. With Raj and Priya united, Deven’s spirit becomes free and he ascends to heaven.