My Friend Ganesha 2


Harsh Chhaya as Vashu’s Father

Kurush Deboo as Bejanjee

Bhairavi Goswami as Vashus’ Mother

Ali Haji as Vashu

Upasna Singh as Vashu’s Maid Servant


My Friend Ganesha 2 is an animated movie directed by Rajiv S Ruia. Its the story of a boy Vashu (played by Harsh Chha ) and his friend Ganesha. Vashu is the only child of his parents. Even though it seems he is having a wonderful life, Vashu is actually a lonely kid who has no one to confide with at school or even at home.

Being a shy and silent boy, he is always bullied by the schoolmates. It was then that Ganesha enters his life. Vashu’s life changes all of a sudden with the arrival of Ganesha, who becomes his best friend. Together they are up to many adventures, and Ganesha helps Vashu venture into a new unexplored world of fun excitement and mischief.

Through Ganesha, Vashu gets a new life, and he is no more that lonely and silent kid. It was just the beginning of many thrilling adventures